video art “october.” at the Gospel Hall Gallery | the Soup Lab until 1 June

october. was shot at Tiananmen, Beijing (China) in 2007 and Granada (Spain) in 2009 with mobile phones. The sound was recorded the same way at Granada. It is a first approach within a wider project on historical memory reconstruction.

Video can be watched here

Stills here


october. Digital video. Colour. 3:27 minutes

Material used: Sony Ericsson K610i (images, Beijing), Nokia 2630 (images and sound, Granada)

The video is exhibited at the Gospel Hall Gallery by means of a 9.3″ digiframe.

William Kentridge on Memory and how we deal with it

Interviewed by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, William Kentridge says:

All my work is part of a single project. I don’t see a great shift. In Il Ritorno d’Ulisse I was looking at the body as a metaphor for our relationship to memory and the unconscious, acknowledging that there are things happening under the surface, which we hope will be well contained by our skin. We hope that our skin will not erupt, that parts of us will not collapse inside. The body in this sense is other to us; we shepherd it along like an ox, hoping it will come quietly to market and not run away. In recent works such as stereoscope I’m interested in the co-existence of all those contradictory strands, and what it means to synthesize them into one subjectivity.

Stereoscope is about the cost of trying to bring these disparate parts of oneself together.

In Cameron, Christov-Bakargiev, Coetzee. “William Kentridge” (1999) London, Phaïdon, p.23.

To watch Kentridge’s Stereoscope, click HERE.

The CAC of Málaga (Spain) is exhibiting Kentridge’s work until 13 May 2012. I just can’t wait to go, see it and meditate. (

“No, this isn’t me”: on hidden memories


Hubo un lugar [reconstructed] 2012

« 3.

No, this isn’t me, someone else suffers,

I couldn’t stand it. All that’s happened

They should wrap up in black covers,

The streetlights should be taken away…

Night. »

1939. Requiem, Anna Akhmatova.[1]

Reconstructing Historical Memory[S]: click HERE to access the project’s page

Hubo un lugar, 40 x 80 cm & reconstructed X-ray (2012)

[1] A. Akhmatova, Requiem. English translation by Lyn Coffin. New York/ London, W.W. Norton & Company, 1983, p. 84.

New article on “intimacies”: addressing its creative process

Caroline Gill | intimacies | © Bonenfant/Allegue

The intimacies video art was realized in 2008, within Bonenfant’s “extending vocal bodies into audiovisual media” project.

This text articulates the creative process of the intimacies video art, from the visual artist’s point of view.

To read it, click HERE.

intimacies | Video co-directors: Yvon Bonenfant/ Ludivine Allegue. Artistic director: Yvon Bonenfant/Video artist: Ludivine Allegue/Vocal art (music composition and all singing): Yvon Bonenfant, compositional assistant Francis Silkstone/Photography and image capture: Ludivine Allegue/Video editing: Ludivine Allegue/Choreographic process, devising process directed by Yvon Bonenfant/Performers, choreographic & sonic collaborators, inspirers: Robin Dingemans, Delphine Gaborit, Caroline Gill/Produced by Yvon Bonenfant & Ludivine Allegue. Financial support by the British Academy, the University of Winchester. Date of production 2008; format PAL 4:3.

BEACONS SHOW by Yvon Bonenfant ON TOUR

BEACONS SHOW by Yvon Bonenfant ON TOUR

BEACONS SHOW was developped by vocal artist Yvon Bonenfant, in collaboration with David Shearing, following the video Art Beacons (2008) that he previously realized in collaboration with Ludivine Allegue.

To know more about the show, please visit the Beacons Show website.


stage@leeds: 27 September 7.30 pm


LONDON Rich Mix: 6 October 7.30 pm


BRISTOL Arnolfini: 7 October 7.30 pm


The Point, Eastleigh: 13 October 7.30 pm


EXETER Exeter Phoenix: 18 October  8 pm


FALMOUTH The Performance Centre – University College Falmouth: 21 October 7:30 pm


GLASGOW Arches: 24 October 7.30 pm

Beacons (2008) Video Art

This bitter earth

This bitter earth

What fruit it bears

What good is love

That no one shares

And if my life is like the dust

That hides the glow of a rose

What good am I

Heaven only knows

This bitter Earth

Can it be so cold

Today you’re young

Too soon your old

But while a voice

Within me cries

I’m sure someone

May answer my call

And this bitter earth

May not be so bitter after all

[this bitter earth | Otis, Clyde (Songwriter) | IZA Music Corporation (Publisher)]

“intimacies” soon @ Pieces to fit – Brighton (UK)

intimacies, a video-art/music/choreographic collaboration with vocal artist Yvon Bonenfant, was selected by curator Marina Tsartsara to be exhibited this February at Brighton (UK) within the Pieces to fit platform.

intimacies is unique in the world of video-dance in that it emerges from a place of encounter between extended voice, choreographic process and video art.

With dancers Robin Dingemans (nominated Outstanding Male Performance (Modern) 2009 by UK National Dance Awards) and Delphine Gaborit, and vocalist/movement artist Caroline Gill.

Click here to see a few stills and a short excerpt and HERE to view the event’s programme.

Poem “Les pas” by Paul Valery

Les pas de Paul Valery

Tes pas, enfants de mon silence,

Saintement, lentement placés,

Vers le lit de ma vigilance

Procèdent muets et glacés.

Personne pure, ombre divine,

Qu’ils sont doux, tes pas retenus !

Dieux !… tous les dons que je devine

Viennent à moi sur ces pieds nus !

Si, de tes lèvres avancées,

Tu prépares pour l’apaiser,

A l’habitant de mes pensées

La nourriture d’un baiser,

Ne hâte pas cet acte tendre,

Douceur d’être et de n’être pas,

Car j’ai vécu de vous attendre,

Et mon coeur n’était que vos pas.

(versión española)

Tus pasos,

por el silencio creados,

avanzan santa, lentamente,

hacia el lecho de mi impaciente vigilar,

fríos, callados.


adorados pasos mudos,

que sin oír mis ansias adivinan,

¡Qué regalos celestes se encaminan

hacia mi lecho

en unos pies desnudos.

Si, para mi sueño obseso,

tu boca haces avanzar

yo preparo el paladar

al alimento de un beso.

No lo apresures,

ten calma,

dulzura de ser no siendo,

que de esperar voy viviendo

y son tus pasos

mi alma.

(Versión de Charles Dampierre)

(English version below)

Your steps, children of my silence,

Holily, slowly placed,

Towards the bed of my vigilance

Proceed dumb and frozen.

Nobody pure, divine shade,

That they are soft, your steps selected!

Gods!… all the gifts which I guess

Come to me on these naked feet!

If, of your advanced lips,

You prepare to alleviate it,

An inhabitant of my thoughts

The food of a kiss,

Does not hasten this tender act,

To be soft and not to be not?

Because I lived to await you,

And my heart was only your steps.