Artist Statement

When I was attending the painting class at my city’s Art School, I found out I was not only painting but building paintings made of in/tangible matter. Charcoal, pigment, wood…

And canvas: A background. A thread. A dress. A skin

Beyond background, the canvas’ thread established itself as a binder of all stories. Unweaving the threads just reveals the hidden drawing, like a story that always had been there, but was biding its time.

I have been refining this deconstruction throughout the years in order to focus on the story the canvas is telling me: I eliminated painted surfaces to give prominence to drawing and blankness, seeking equilibrium, economy of means and simplicity.

The immediacy of the unweaving process –like writing, this economy of means, serve a form of resistance : the power to tell without the machine, using my unconnected hand as the only tool. My hand is out of sight, but does not give way.


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