Così è (se vi pare) | 2019


Le Maschere Nude | Digital compositions

These are the reconstructed radiographies of my paintings within my long term project about memory: how do transform short term memories into long term memories?

The starting point of this project are the memories of my own family. Every time I portrait a person, I reconstruct a radiography of the portrait that shows what is no longer visible on that person’s portrayed face.




Disorient is a collaboration with Valentina Lacmanovic (

Analogue series [LEICA CL f/5.6]
Digital series

I initially used photography for its immediacy of capturing the movement. The digital tool allowed me to decompose and transcribe the movement anew, so I wanted to see what would it be like if I moved too.

I joined Valentina in the movement. I looked for interactions that define a linear defragmented image. The movement captured that way radically transforms through the photographic lens in order to make a pictorial image that partially refracts the movement in a fragmented image.


Semana Santa 2009 – Granada

Analog photography [LEICA CL f/5.6]


In Hurt Water (2008) [Wordless:]

In Hurt Water belong to the WORDLESS: project, which emerged from the encounter with Slovac composer Julius Fujak.

In hurt water (Wordless:)

Project curated by Arianna Callocchia (IT).


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