Così è


Così è | 2018 Unwoven and embroieded linen canvas, pearls and Svarowsky crystals. Atrezzo manikin (bust) and wooden stand. Canvas of 200 x 200 cm approx. with the form of a long skirt with train + black lining. Approx. dimensions of canvas + manikin and wooden stand when installed: CM (H)120 x (W)150 x (D)200 | Embroieded poem “Non la resa…” by Simona Polvani.

Così è (se vi pare), a 200 x 200 cm canvas, freed from the frame, recovers movement and wrap bodies in the form of a long skirt with train. It symbolizes a woman’s heritage as much as its transformation.



For ArtBanchel 3 (Madrid), I asked women artists to wear the canvas: I portrayed them and printed their portraits on a human scale to integrate them into the urban landscape.


Come prima, meglio di prima




Come prima, meglio di prima I y II, 2019 | Lienzo destejido y sellado | 136 x 58 cm cada, aprox.


Come prima, meglio di prima: el lienzo se ha hecho laberinto par adentrarme en lo más íntimo, en lo femenino, en la conquista de la sexualidad.


Le Maschere Nude

L'Uomo, la Bestia e la Virtù (2017) ©Allegue

Le Maschere Nude explora la memoria íntima y colectiva. Basándome en testimonios y archivos administrativos, utilizo principalmente la pintura, el dibujo y la fotografía para volver visibles historias que aun no se han contado, para retratar y recomponer memoria(s).

El dibujo, la tela, los colores desgarrados y la noción de origen son los protagonistas de estos trabajos. La tela es destejida para revelar lo que precede la composición de la imagen: la nada original que forma parte integral de la imagen y sin embargo desaparece del cuadro a medida que lo vamos componiendo.

Quiero volver visible este origen, perfecto reflejo del carácter intangible de la memoria, caprichosa, en movimiento permanente, esta memoria que travestimos, que nuestra mente procura retener y que se nos escapa. Pero esta memoria que, nos guste o no, cava sus huellas en lo más profundo de nuestro ser.

L’uomo dal fiore in bocca, 2015


6pers_full copia
Sei personnaggi in cerca d’autore 2015


Disorient (2016)

During our lecture-performance at the Museo CAV La Neomudéjar, I painted Valentina Lacmanovic’s kimono whilst she slowly spun on her axis, in front of the audience. She had put a square plastic on the floor, indicating with round plates made of glass the four cardinal points.

In the centre of this earthly square, Valentina started to spin, whilst I (whirling around her) was sheding the red coloured paint on her back. The paint could only have been shed. Its trajectory could only be vertical: the gravity and the axis of the movement were manifested.


Vestire gli ignudi (2010)

Vestire gli ignudi, 2010 | Acrylic on partially unwoven canvas | CM 81 x 65


Hurt Souls (2009)

Hurt souls, 2009 | Acrylic on partially unwoven canvas | CM 125 x 195


B(earth) (2007)




painting | music | artist book

The WORDLESS: project emerges from the encounter with Slovac composer Julius Fujak. We exchanged musical and painted letters that we sent to each other through traditionnal post during nearly one year. Musical compositions responded to painted textures; colours responded to notes. Those letters also composed an artist book that gathers music and image.

Project curated by Arianna Callocchia (IT).

You can listen to excerpts on WORDLESS: from radio broadcast Letras y Notas by Eva Santamaría by clicking on: WORDLESS


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