Così è (se vi pare)

Così è | 2018 Unwoven and embroieded linen canvas, pearls and Svarowsky crystals. Atrezzo manikin (bust) and metallic stand. Canvas of 200 x 200 cm approx. with the form of a long skirt with train + black lining. Approx. dimensions of canvas + manikin and metallic stand when installed: CM (H)120 x (W)150 x (D)200 | Embroidered poem “Non la resa…” by Simona Polvani | Embroidery & initial sewing: Nieves Sebastian | Final sewing: Alex Moldovan, Parallel Dimensions.

Così è (se vi pare), a 200 x 200 cm canvas, freed from the frame, recovers movement and wrap bodies in the form of a long skirt with train. It symbolizes a woman’s heritage as much as its transformation.

For ArtBanchel 3 (Madrid), I asked women artists to wear the canvas: I portrayed them and printed their portraits on a human scale to integrate them into the urban landscape.


Some of the portraits above are available online >>> click here.


2019 – Art|Banchel–3 “Così è se vi pare” 10-12 May 2019

2018 – “La sabiduría de las arañas II”, Hybrid Festival,, Estudio 14/15, September 2018

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