Disorient (2016-17) is a collaboration with Valentina Lacmanović (https://disorienters.com)

Concept and realisation: Ludivine Allegue and Valentina Lacmanović
Videography, editing, camera, painting on costume, photography: Ludivine Allegue
Performance, sound, costume design, camera : Valentina Lacmanović
Soundscape composition: JuanMa Prieto Akasha
Costume realisation: Layta Bernardo

As in photography and painting, in my video works I research the transgression of the frame. I conceive the narrative as one sequential image in order to question the linear nature of the image in movement, that is one reason of my interest for the circular and infinite movement.

In Disorient, apart from showing the spectators that explosion of the frame, I wanted them to move in and with it and to be in and out of it at the same time. That implies that not only the frame needs to be transgressed, but also the surface of the image with all the possibilities of the narrative according to the scale of the installation. This is the reason for creating site-specific video installations. Not as reflections, but as the key of the image itself.

Analogue series [LEICA CL f/5.6]


I initially used photography for its immediacy of capturing the movement. The digital tool allowed me to decompose and transcribe the movement anew, so I wanted to see what would it be like if I moved too.

I joined Valentina in the movement. I looked for interactions that define a linear defragmented image. The movement captured that way radically transforms through the photographic lens in order to make a pictorial image that partially refracts the movement in a fragmented image.


2016 –Disorient [in collaboration with Valentina Lacmanovic] (video installation and performance), Musée National des Arts et Métiers, Paris FR, Festival  Corps Dessinant 3-4 december 2016.

2016 – Disorient [in collaboration with Valentina Lacmanovic] (installation, photograhs, drawings, photoengraving), Museo CAV La Neomudéjar, Madrid, Spain. Nov 17-January 7.

2016 –Disorient [in collaboration with Valentina Lacmanovic] (video installation and performance), Museo CAV La Neomudéjar, Madrid, Spain. April 2016.

2016 Disorient (conference-performance with Valentina Lacmanovic) Museo CAV La Neomudéjar, Madrid. 6 April 2016

© Disorient Video Art – Allegue/Lacmanovic. © Disorient Photography|Painting|Drawing – Ludivine Allegue. © Disorient Performance – Valentina Lacmanovic.