Artist books

Artist books

“Nearly one year after intimacies, I watched the lines I had put on paper to catch some of the dancers’ gravity through my hand. I decided to re-interpret them by submitting that gravity to ink and canvas.

Canvas ceased to be a support as I started to partially unweave its threads to compose a reflected body. The unwoven bodies were then showing me what is before form: blankness.  I was seeking a way to restore them to movement, to multiplicity, so I made a book. A book is an intimate object.

One and multiple, as it unfolds, page by page… until the end.” (See intimacies | video art)


Libros de artista

Cada ejemplar es único, páginas originales de tela

Técnica: tinta o lápiz sobre tela parcialmente destejida y encolada

Encuadernación: paginas cosidas, tapa dura, tela, titulo grabado en seco en la portada

La elección del libro como otro formato tiene el propósito de subrayar que la vida es movimiento, que Uno/a es plural y que la existencia es coexistencia en la medida en que nuestros encuentros participan de nuestra constitución como individuos. El libro es íntimo, Uno y múltiple: se va revelando a medida que vamos girando las páginas que lo componen… hasta el final.

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intimacies | video art
Beacons | music video art
Artist books
Wordless: | painting and music letters

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