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painting | music | artist book

The WORDLESS: project emerges from the encounter with Slovac composer Julius Fujak. We exchanged musical and painted letters that we sent to each other through traditionnal post during nearly one year. Musical compositions responded to painted textures; colours responded to notes. Those letters also composed an artist book that gathers music and image.

Project curated by Arianna Callocchia (IT).

You can listen to excerpts on WORDLESS: from radio broadcast Letras y Notas by Eva Santamaría by clicking on: WORDLESS


Spanish version

Para escuchar un extracto de Letras y Notas de Eva Santamaría sobre WORDLESS: hagan clic en la palabra:   WORDLESS

Serie de obras pertenecientes al proyecto WORDLESS: (2008-10), realizado en colaboración con el compositor Julius Fujak (SK) y comisionado por la arquitecta y curator Arianna Callocchia (IT). Las exposiciones eslovacas del proyecto fueron organizadas por la curator Marta Hučková (SK).

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